eCommerce Strategy, Analytics, Design & Marketing

Communication is vital for us! As part of a digital ecosystem, we create and enhance all sorts of strategies, contents and analytics to connect with our customers.

Communication is key! When it happens, both sender and receiver can share their needs. This simple act is vital for us. We are part of a digital ecosystem, creating customer-focused marketing and e-commerce strategies. This is always under constant review for improvement, helping us design and communicate with highly engaging content.

01 –

Our method

  • Strategy: Customer status
  • Implementation: Data Preview
  • Development: Digital chanels
  • Strategy: Data analysis
  • Implementation: Software support
  • Development: Brief development
  • Strategy: Team assignment
  • Implementation: Every area review
  • Development: Product development
  • Strategy: KPI Analysis
  • Implementation: Results evaluation
  • Development: Strategy changes

02 –

Our process:

Customer, Data and Communication. Our process begins with a general research of our customers, getting to know them. Which already includes our own brand’s parameters to find relevant data. From our customers and our wide marketing, environment and trends research comes our entire communication.

  • Brand, Customer and Data+
    Our first parameter is to have a clear identity as a Brand, from this point we analyze relevant data about our customers, trends and e-commerce markets on different digital channels.
  • Tool & Requirements+
    Software & apps are key for us, analyzing all data collected from different sources. We use different digital tools to organize the info that is going to be the source of our brief, which is the key document that will summarize and explain the needs of our brand campaigns and customers to our entire team.
  • Brief and Team of Creator+
    Once our brief is delivered we make sure every area of our content creators, analysts and developers are clear on every assigned task to start producing the contents and products we and our customers need.
  • Analysis and improvement+
    From design products, to marketing campaigns and all sorts of contents, constant improvement is key for us, analyzing our results and adjusting all the possible details to gain improved results on all the stages of our processes.