Customer Service

Shipping Logistics & Customer Service

Making a customer fall in love with a brand, covering services, needs, and expectations. We are always searching for new ways of providing an insanely great customer experience.

How to make a customer fall in love with a brand? It goes beyond just having a great product. Needs, expectations, services and satisfaction. We constantly search for new ways to provide an insanely great customer experience from the time the order is placed to after it’s received.

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Our method

Constant contact with our suppliers is mandatory, so we have a specialized team to speed up and clarify our processes, taking into account and being one step ahead of any delay.

  • Stock check + CEO Approval
  • Price negotiation with Suppliers
  • Purchase order
  • Proforma invoice from providers – Proforma & times check
  • Greenlight to financials.
  • Spec sheets check.
  • Payment & product fabrication
  • Manufacturing tracing (3)
  • Shipping distribution + ready date + load is ready
  • Shipping logistics
  • ware house arrival & distribution

Once our products are sent, our customer service team assumes the responsibility of taking care of fulfilling the estimated customer shipping dates.

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Our Customer service team is also constantly taking care of our digital channels:

Customer, Data and Communication. Our process begins with a general research of our customers, getting to know them. Which already includes our own brand’s parameters to find relevant data. From our customers and our wide marketing, environment and trends research comes our entire communication.

Digital channels doubts & questions
Customer reviews on every digital channel.
Product improvement according to customers.
Customer satisfaction.