Study Case: Hot Vita

Hot Vita

We are a lifestyle brand focused on helping people start and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We understand the challenges of starting this journey and want to be there every step of the way.

Success case intro: Hot Vita was released on April 2018 using only digital platforms, with a full challenge ahead, make it happen only using e-commerce & social media.


March – April: 10 units sold

June – august: 213 units sold

Sales increase +300%

And its sales are currently increasing.

What we found out: The Thermoactive gel was a total hit among our initial customers!

What was the goal: Get people to know Hot Vita as a Healthy lifestyle brand.

How we did it: We found that our Thermo Gel had a great chance of success, so our team devoted themselves to an intense research on Amazon user researchs, keywords, user data and 3 months after we nailed it! 80% of our buyers fell in love with it, texture, smell, and benefits!